Accomplished everything
with determination and creativity

Pappim Pipatkasrira

Software and Knowledge Engineering
Kasetsart University | 4th year student

Software Engineer

7 months Unity, AR and VR experiences
in Kajaani, Finland, 2019


 Java, C#, Javascript, HTML & CSS, Kotlin & Android, VR & AR and NodeJS


Game Projects

The Dawn of the Epic Legend of the Tales of the Legendary Power Mage: The Reckoning


The Dawn of the Epic Legend of the Tales of the Legendary Power Mage: The Reckoning is a fast-paced single-player 3D game for PC where you play as a powerful wizard in a magic castle, fight enemies to collect score and seek crystals to customize your spells.

Available on GitHub

Unity3D AR

A mobile augmented-reality survival horror game which simulates real ghost experiences and beating the other players’ scores from all around the world

Calculate playing space at runtime. Use real-life physical card to repel AR virtual ghosts!

CPE Project Archive GitHub
InkIt - Kajaani Winter GameJam 2019


Ink the way, get to the goal!

Start from white screen. Ink your way to the goal. Becareful not to InkIt too much or else you won't see the way!

This game is developed within 48 hours for Winter GameJam 2019 at Kajaani, Finland


Unity3D VR

VR driving project

Driving project made with Unity3D. Simulates driving in VR with fully controls from VR controllers.


Unity2D Online Multi-player Photon

Can you save the 2 world?

Help each other to solve the puzzle! 2 players across the network.

Compatible with Android devices


Unity3D Android

Endless runner project

In the game a death monster from the underworld named ”Skullo”, found his way to the world of living monsters and trying to escape from its guardians.

Compatible with Android devices

GitHub Demo APK

Mobile App Projects

Digi-Idle Ver.1

Android Studio Kotlin Firebase

Tamagotchi-style vertual pet with online database and battle system.

This project was created with Android studio.

GitHub Digi-Idle Wiki
THAL - Thai Artist List

Android Studio Kotlin JSON

Application that gathers Thai artists' informations as a list.

Users can search for artist's name or art type of the artist.

This application is just to practice implementing custom adapter.

JSON files are hosted on

Boba Finder

iOS Xcode Swift

Simple application that shows the 10 nearest bubble tea shops on the map using Foursquare API.

This application is just to practice developing an app using Xcode and Foursquare API.

GitHub repository is not available at the moment.

GitHub (not available)

Front-end Projects

REST Project

HTML5 CSS Javascript

Working too hard or sitting for a long time can cause a serious health problem. REST is the chair designed to help people that face office syndrome problem.

The project consist of the front-end, back-end and hardware.

GitHub eXceed Camp Wiki
Judjarn Namplawan


Website selling Thai chilli paste.

Deployed Website
Portrait Touch

HTML5 CSS Javascript

This website shows the profile of "Portrait Touch"'s art and graphics and also gives contract informations.

GitHub Deployed Website

Back-end Projects

SixerDev - Boardgame Store

Node.js PUG MongoDB Javascript

High quality e-commerce website that sells board game that suits customer needs.

The website contains normal user section, registered user section and admin section.

Node.js, PUG and MongoDB were used in this project.

Try using username: pappimdemo and password: 1234 to login to admin system or you can register a new account on the website.

GitHub Deployed Heroku Website

Node.js MongoDB

New language developed for voice-synth community. The language is read-able and translable.

This new language can translated to back English.

When the user want to translate the word that does not exist, new word will be generated and saved to the language system. Translator also validate for English words.

Node.js and MongoDB were used in this project.

Deployed Website


Tel. (+66)82-495-5152



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